Introducing the Climate Biotech Jobs Board

04/23/24   |   Written by The Homeworld Team

Homeworld has seen a lot of activity within the climate biotech community for both seeking and sharing job opportunities. There is a rich and supportive network, but there is no comprehensive platform for roles in climate biotechnology. This is a gap we hope to fill by building the Climate Biotech Jobs Board. 

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In the next 10 years, the biotech industry is set to grow 14% per year. And today, there are 4+ million climate jobs. Let’s better link problems and talents in order for biotech to reach its trillion-dollar potential on a timeline that matters for planetary health. 

Homeworld’s Climate Biotech Jobs Board offers an opportunity to explore (at the time of this article) 100+ jobs and 27 companies within the climate biotech field. This platform is specifically designed to bridge biotech talent with companies and institutions leading in climate biotechnology. 

Connecting the Dots in Climate Biotech

Climate biotechnology uses biological principles to develop new ways to address environmental issues—from reducing carbon emissions to enhancing soil health. But to grow these ideas, there needs to be an influx of talented individuals in diverse roles. That’s where we see the Climate Biotech Jobs Board coming in, linking skilled professionals with the companies that are leading in the climate biotech field. 

At Homeworld, we’ve observed a clear need for a jobs platform specialized to the climate biotech tech community. We see a lot of activity circulating around jobs and hiring, but it happens spread across social platforms (X, LinkedIn, slack groups), so there was an opportunity to make a durable, public service.

Such job boards are normally seen in portfolios of venture capital firms or a paid job search service. As a non-profit that supports the growth of climate biotech, Homeworld invested to build a gold standard platform that is free for all users. This user-friendly resource is designed by and for the climate biotech community to help bridge the gap between talented professionals and the organizations at the forefront of climate biotech solutions.

What the Climate Biotech Jobs Board Offers

For Job Seekers:

A go-to destination for professionals seeking roles in climate biotechnology. This easy-to-use interface includes:

  • Curated climate biotech job listings across research, engineering, business development, and more
  • Robust search and filtering capabilities by location, job type, experience level, and keyword
  • The option to sign up to the Talent Network to receive job alerts and to share your profile with employers

For Employers:

Access to a pool of qualified candidates committed to climate solutions. As an employer, it’s easy to:

  • Automatically integrate any jobs you’ve already listed on your organization’s careers page or other job sites (i.e. LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed, etc.)
  • Increase the visibility of your company in the climate biotech field 
  • Post jobs directly to the Climate Biotech Jobs Board via logging into your company page
  • Search for talented individuals looking for their next opportunity through our Talent Network

Get Involved

Whether you’re hiring for your climate tech company or seeking a role where you can make a difference, we’re excited to connect the people and ideas that will drive the field forward.

The companies shown are primarily ones who filled out an initial interest survey. We will be adding companies continuously to eventually have a comprehensive list of climate biotech companies. If you represent a company which is not yet listed on the job board, you can express your interest in signing up here

If you are a job seeker, create your profile for the talent network here.

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By The Homeworld Team