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Together we are building the field of climate biotech

Together we are building the field of climate biotech

How can biotechnology help climate change?

Our climate problem has deep roots in biology.

Growth of food, health of soil, and stability of ecosystems are all intrinsically biological. The fossil resources we use to make fuel, materials, and chemicals all originate from organisms. The flux of the carbon cycle is dominated by biological processes. And even the slow carbon cycle, which moves carbon from the atmosphere and oceans into rock on geologic timescales, is catalyzed by living things.

The mechanisms underlying these processes can be purposed toward a healthy planet and human way of life.

Many biologists originally studied biology because they love the life that evolved here on Earth, and many biotechnologists studied biotech because they wanted to improve human lives. We are seeing that this same care for life is now motivating many biologists – including ourselves – to work toward a thriving future for all of life in the face of global climate change.

Our Mission:

More about our mission

Mission: Action-oriented climate optimism toward a thriving planet.

Vision: Ensuring we’ll only ever need one home world.

Homeworld Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit igniting the growth of climate biotechnology. Hinged on the values of community building, knowledge creation, and converting ideas into action through accessible funding, Homeworld Collective is the go-to source for talented scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and funders committed to maximizing the impact of climate biotechnology for planetary health.

Our Focus:

Community building
A community is a network of meaningful connections and joint interests. Homeworld Collective fosters the growth of the emerging climate biotech community by supporting relationship development, sharing common challenges, and co-creating knowledge.
Thought leadership
Where is the go-to knowledge for biotechnologists trying to make planetary-scale impact? We skip the paywalls and siloed career tracks to produce community knowledge that accelerates all of us in our journeys to build climate-positive technologies.
Catalyzing action
Let’s get good ideas into motion as quickly as possible, and learn together while we’re at it. We enable technology development and translatable research in climate biotech, by seeding high-impact projects and hosting Garden Grants, a novel grantmaking pipeline that generates community knowledge while refining actionable projects and streamlining contribution by additional funders.

$1.3M for climate biotech

Check out the cohort members of our first Garden Grants program – our funding platform that directly supports early stage climate biotech research.


Bioremediation, carbon capture, plastic degradation, and more.


Their problem statements are public, and the solution statements are confidential. This novel approach is an experiment to see the field-building impact of researchers identifying and sharing the most important problems to work on. Our vision is that openness facilitates new collaborations and increases philanthropic funding for climate biotech.

2024 Garden Grants Cohort

Featured 2024 Garden Grants Cohort Members

a person with glasses and a blue collared shirt
Ahmed Badran, PhD
The Scripps Research Institute
Anum Glasgow, PhD
Columbia University
Benjamin Scott, PhD
Global Institute for Food Security, University of Saskatchewan
César Ramírez-Sarmiento, PhD
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile